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Business Statistics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

“A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measure of performance” (Wikipedia)

Key performance indicators or KPI’s are used to help your organisation define and evaluate how successful you are, typically in terms of making progress towards your long-term organisational goals.

More commonly called KPIs, these can be specified by answering the question, “What is really important to the survival and GROWTH of my business?

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Each businesses KPI’s differ depending on the nature of the business and the business strategy. They help to evaluate the progress of an organisation towards its vision and long-term goals, especially toward difficult to quantify knowledge-based goals.

When most of our clients start with us it is common that they are too busy to do a lot of measuring of their business performance. 

Our program of business statistics not only allows our clients to routinely measure distinct areas within their business but also allows them to do it in a routinely quick time.

This allows the business owners to do the following:

  • Identify specific areas of concern
  • Reward staff
  • Know where to hire new staff
  • Conduct meetings with effectiveness

Kolbe Systems will show you how you can identify the most appropriate Business Statistics or Key Performance Indicators so you can easily see how well each division and department in your business is performing.

Kolbe Systems is looking for good businesses who want to become great! 

Our business organising and coaching system will absolutely transform your business’s effectiveness and efficiency.  Call today on 0437 206 250 for a free no obligation demonstration as to what we can do for your business.