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Job Manuals and Job Descriptions

Already have job manuals but staff don’t read them or use them?

Most clients who go through the Kolbe Systems program have already written comprehensive Job Manuals but are in the common situation where thes job manuals are not being used.

What we Commonly See!

  • Lack of responsibility
  • Staff still asking other staff what to do
  • Staff read Job manuals but still do the job in a way that is not up to the owners standard

How Can You Fix It?

Kolbe Systems is a specialist in getting systems to stick and will teach you how to induct your staff to use and love their job manuals producing work to the highest possible standards.;

  • We provide workable templates
  • We train you how to implement your systems
  • And most important, we show you how to keep the knowledge as standard operation

After working with Kolbe Systems our clients have reduced their training time from 3 months to 3 weeks! even with complicated job descriptions.

If you would like to get your team performing to your standards and loving it then please call us on 0437 206 250 to find out the secrets to making Job Manuals work.

We Are Looking for Good Businesses Who Want To Become Great

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Find out the secrets to implementing workable Job Manuals.