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If you require an experienced, informative and passionate speaker for the following topics;

  • Process Improvement
  • Team Work
  • Taking Your Organisation from Good to Great
  • Defining Systems In Your Organisation
  • Policy / Process Change
  • Retaining Staff

Contact me today at to discuss the availability of our senior technical evangelist Evan Kolbe for your staff, group or media entity.


Happy Birthday Kolbe Systems

I am super proud to be celebrating our 20th birthday this month, during this time we have defined organisation’s processes in the West Australian business community across so many industries. Thank you to the 200+ organisations who have supported us. Many of you have gone on to achieve outstanding results and lead your respective sectors. You are the reason I am still so passionate about business knowledge.

After two decades I have come to realise that your processes need continuous improvement to ensure your standards are maintained. I need your help, as we start to scale up. If your processes are not up to date or are lacking then enquire about appointing a permanent, part time placement of a fully trained Kolbe Systems contractor to work on defining and improving your organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact me personally and we can arrange a suitable placement for your team and organisation.

5 key benefits to embedding a Kolbe Kaizen Specialist into your organisation

1. Fully trained and completely understands Kolbe Systems.
2. Not on the payroll which reduces your tax impact.
3. Works completely ON your business, leaving you free to tackle the big things!
4. Fully supervised and mentored.
5. Comes with an X factor (ask to find out more).

Call me to discuss more details and potential opportunities.

Let 2023 be the year to take your organisation to the next level of administration clarity.

Evan Kolbe 0437 206 250

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