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Bug Busters

The Challenge

Theresa Laurie and her husband Jim Laurie, the Director of Bug Busters, have been in the Pest Control industry for over 25 years.

Although Bug Busters was a very successful business there were lots of things about the way they operate that could be much more efficient. As Theresa and Steve (Operations) realised that the real benefit from having a successful business is not to advertise to get more work like their competitors, but rather to operate much more easily and efficiently so as to be able to handle more work in a robust economy.

It was this realisation that led Theresa and Steve to begin implementing Kolbe Systems.

The Result

There has already been a remarked realisation of the possibilities for more efficient processes and operations and Theresa and Steve are for the first time getting clear on the distinct differences in responsibilities for all of the different areas.

Bug Busters have been operating for over 20 years and continue to grow based on quality reliable service and the trust and referrals from their clients.