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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions we get asked 

What is an Organisational Chart?
An Organisational Chart is a flowchart of any business which separates the business into 7 different divisions. It is considered different to a traditional chart as it is a ‘living thing’ that changes as the business changes.

How do you know the best key performance indicators for my business?
At Kolbe Systems we don’t claim to know your business at all as we believe the business owner or CEO is the best advisor for their own business. On that grounds, we don’t specify any key performance indicators.

We simply train you how to select the best key performance indicators for your business so you can measure productiveness rather than busyness.

Is it really possible to change my business structure?
We don’t attempt to change any business structure, rather just optimise what you already have in place. The business structure that we refer to is more specifically related to having the right infrastructure in place to create an environment where everyone in the business can refer to the system rather than the individuals in charge.

What do your business systems involve?
Our business systems involve a set of proven and workable organisational tools that when used together and in the right order produce a complete business system. This includes all the required tools along with a 3 – 6 month training program.

I have tried to write policy before, what will be different this time?
At Kolbe Systems we have all the tools to complete the business systems within your business. The policies are just a tools to back up the whole system and your staff so that management don’t have frustrations and irritations with things going wrong.

It is a matter of making the policies both workable, and aligned with all the other organisational tools put into place.

What is Organisational Structure?
Organisational Structure is a set of business systems and quality management systems that when combined create a whole organisational structure for a business. This involves covering every aspect of systems so that they effectively compliment each other as a whole business structure.

I have adequate quality assurance practices in place already, why would I need Kolbe Systems?
Kolbe Systems isn’t based solely on Quality assurance of the business. Rather it focuses on the business as a whole, as the quality assurance is considered only 1 of seven different important areas within the business.

Does Kolbe Systems specialise solely in management help and consulting?
Whist management help is a specialty of Kolbe Systems it is not our sole service. We provide our clients with tangible products such as an organisational chart an executive key performance indicator board, sufficient skills to write policies that are actually adhered to, skills in creating job descriptions and implementing sufficient communications systems.

Are Business Systems for us…?
How do I justify the time out of the business to implement these systems? (I don’t have the time, but I still want to do it.)
Put simply if you don’t put some order into the business it will continue to get more and more disordered, which means less and less time to put in systems and more time devoted to putting out fires. This can cause the organisation to become less profitable, have a high staff turnover and can even cause health issues.

Kolbe Systems will guide you through a step by step process to become an organisation with clarity and confidence.

What do you mean by Systems?
Systems is the act of duplicating a position or person within the organisation. This can come in many forms. Kolbe Systems will educate and train you in what tools help you clarify your organisation and how to implement them so all your staff members can flourish.

I have some systems in place but my staff don’t read them, what is the difference with Kolbe Systems?
82% of organisations that start with us had previously tried to write up job descriptions. Our unique point of difference in Kolbe Systems is that we have a workable form of delivery. This ensures that you use your procedures on a daily basis to enhance and clarify your day to day chores which inevitably leads to a more profitable organisation.

If I can’t afford it are you flexible with your rates?
We are not negotiable with our prices, however we do work with our clients until we deliver a product that is valuable to them. If your cash flow is an issue we can extend payment terms. Please discuss this with our office prior to embarking on our training.

Is Kolbe Systems a tax deduction?
Kolbe Systems is a business expense. We advise that you speak to your accountant to get a professional opinion. In most cases it is a 100% tax deduction.

When is the best time to start?
If your organisation is ready for Kolbe Systems (click here to find out), then sooner rather than later is the best time. If you are still uncertain give our office a call and ask for our Marketing Division.

Can I speak to one of your clients?
We respect our Clients privacy. If you would like more details on some of the Clients we have worked with please see our case histories (link to it). If you still wish to see one of our Clients then please call our Public Relations Division to arrange a walk through of one of our Clients premises.

Kolbe Systems appears to be for small business, does it work for larger companies?
We deliver fundamental principles that apply to small and large organisations. In 2003 we started dealing with smaller business successfully, but now in 2007 we cater for small businesses and large companies.

 Small businesses require systems to expand with certainty, larger companies require systems to become an employer of choice, and be efficient and profitable.

How long does it take my organisation to be fully systemised?
This will depend on the type of organisation you have, the industry you are in and the goals you have set and also what systems you have in place already. If you would like a clearer picture on what it will take to get clarity in your organisation, call our free advice line on (08) 9227 8022 for a Free Business Analysis.

How much does it cost?
Kolbe Systems comes in four different packages to suit all different sized organisations, from our small business package to our corporate package. All packages are fully comprehensive and achieve the same outcome – A professionally organised and flourishing business. Please contact us (as link) for specific prices on our packages.

Will my staff take to it?
Through our own internal research we have found 3% of your team will not take to Kolbe Systems, 17% will struggle but eventually take to Kolbe Systems and 80% (the productive staff) will encourage and participate in Kolbe Systems.

Please see our Vision which will explain this further.

Are business systems that important?
Systems are essential if you want to duplicate your organisation or step out of the organisation.

What should I look out for in my organisation to indicate to me that I would need Kolbe Systems?
Common sense symptoms can include your in-tray full of paperwork, not knowing where to file documents, not knowing where to look for documents on your computer, other staff members reporting to you when they shouldn’t be, other staff asking you to fix problems, certain tasks in the organisation don’t get done by any one, higher than average turnover of staff, turnover of staff because they are either;

 a) not growing,

 b) don’t feel acknowledged, or

 c) just had enough putting out fires.

You are considering setting up more outlets/offices and you are not sure if the standard will be maintained.
For a greater understanding of this please click here to register for a free business analysis.

Have you had anyone that has gone through Kolbe Systems and it hasn’t worked for them?
Yes. Putting systems into place in an organisation is a direct reflection on the people who are steering the organisation. In order for systems to be adhered to it is important to lead by example.

If you know that you can do it better and you are driven to do it well then embarking on Kolbe Systems will provide you with the pieces to the puzzle that you know you have been lacking to create a full picture of your organisation.

What if doesn’t work for me?
We offer a money back guarantee that if after 4 appointments you are not convinced that Kolbe Systems will work for you we will gladly refund your money in full.

Can I see K.S in action, so I know it really works?
Yes you can. We are very proud to practice what we preach. If you are interested in Kolbe Systems then we welcome you to come into our office to experience how our organised office in Subiaco works.

Product questions

Who benefits the most in the workplace from using K.S?Everyone. Owners or Upper Management will benefit from clearly outlining roles and responsibilities of all areas within the organisation and be able to grow substantially with certainty and clarity.

Staff members will appreciate the professionalism and acknowledgement of the organisation. Staff will also have a clear vision of what it takes to be promoted.

Do most of your clients expand after undertaking Kolbe Systems?
Yes, throughout our history we have seen most of our clients place more personnel because they have more clarity and vision within their organisation. When our clients place personnel they are always well outlined roles with a high retention.

Will I use Kolbe Systems in years after we have implemented the system?
Yes. Kolbe systems is a workable system in fact our very first client (March 2003) still keeps in contact with us to let us know how well their systems is being refined.

Can I delegate Kolbe Systems training to my staff?
Yes you can. We encourage delegation but recommend that only one person approves systems implementation.

Company questions

Are Kolbe Systems like a Management Consultant?
No. We don’t give advice on how to run your business. We believe the best management consultant for your organisation is yourself.

Kolbe Systems will train you to become a better manager and help implement a system that is robust and provides a fair business environment for everyone to reach their full potential. You and your staff know you’re organisation the best, Kolbe Systems will make this tangible for all personnel to take on board and operate with.

What is the difference between Kolbe Systems and my Accountant?
Accountants specialise in tax compliance, Kolbe Systems specialise in systemising organisational processes. We have workable systems that are comprehensive yet simplified.

I have seen one of your clients implement Kolbe Systems, will my company be as organised as that?
We follow a standard checklist for whichever package you choose and every point you learn you sign off on, to ensure our quality standard is maintained. This ensures you have learnt the successful formula that others have gone through.

Support Questions

What if I forget Kolbe Systems, can you help?
We will always encourage our clients to update their systems. We welcome our clients to update their organising charts or take new personnel for a walk through of the systems at our offices. We also run seminars and presentations on site to update staff and train new staff.