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Calidad Industries 

Calidad Industries as a company is not new by any means. For a company to have been operating as successfully as them is a huge credit to the owners of Calidad, George Davies and Steve Ayles.

The Challenge

Calidad have expanded and diversified their product range, extended their distribution Australia wide and across the globe. George and Steve knew that with a lot of hard work they could achieve the world class business they have today, but didn’t bank on the fact that they would have less and less time to enjoy the important things in life.

Somewhere along the way they realised they would also like to be able to actually not have to go into work everyday. It was the realisation that they could have a business that runs like clockwork whilst still expanding and growing without them that led them to Kolbe Systems.

The Result

Although it is still early days yet, George and Steve have already realised the importance of measuring Kpi’s not just in financial terms but right across the board, along with simple ways to increase their office efficiency by over 25%.

 It is just a matter of time before George and Steve can start spending more time searching and increasing their database of great fishing spots!