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Quattro Homes

The Challenge
Directors Michael Lamattina and Vic Santella have been busy building a successful building company since its inception in 2004. In a relatively small amount of time Quattro homes has built itself as a quality company that looks after its clients like no other and is fast catching the broader public eye.

It is their successful formula for business that has made them this successful to date along with lots of hard work, but Michael and Vic have now realised that in order to take it to the next step and continue to grow, but remain extremely efficient, they were going to have to build a business that runs on a system and not them as individuals.

It is this realisation that has led to their association with Kolbe Systems.

The Result:
Michael and Vic are fast seeing the benefits that Kolbe Systems can offer and right from their first training session have generated ideas that they can use within Quattro Homes immediately.